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17 Items That Appear To Be Penises (But Aren’t)

Deciding on how frequently you see real penises, its fairly unexpected at the amount of situations seem like penises that are not. Browse these 17 phallic finds!

17. See Place Go

See Spot Go

16. Welcome House

Welcome Home

15. Tallest Tower

Tallest Tower

14. Potato-rection


13. Fuzzy-wuzzy

Fuzzy Wuzzy

12. Buzz Buzz

Buzz Buzz

11. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse

10. Boner Bridge

Boner Bridge

9. Appears Fabulous

Sounds Delicious

8. Going Up

Going Up

7. Subway System

Subway System

6. Fountain Head

 Fountain Head

5. Tricky Formation

Hard Formation

4. Messing Around

Messing Around

3. Sexy Santa

Naughty Santa

2. Pillow Willie

Pillow Willie

1. Oh, Herman

Oh, Herman

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